Thursday, January 5, 2012


OPIPHANY #24: It's a scientific fact that light travels faster than sound. It might also be why people sometimes appear brighter than they are until you hear them speak. It pays to think twice before opening your mouth. A little bit of thought never hurt anyone. Speak your mind, but learn to mind what you speak and how it's said. It makes the world of difference in how the world perceives and receives you. You can't control what people think of you, but you do have some control on how they gather those thoughts. Statements made become representations of oneself. Think of it as an ambassador of an individual. Actions ultimately weigh heavier than words, but often times people never even make it that far. One might miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate who they are because their words or how they spoke dismissed that possibility. On the reverse side don't be fooled by good con artists.  When first getting acquainted with someone, don't get so wrapped up in what you see. It only makes up for a quarter of who they are or might be. Remember most people are misunderstood because others didn't take the time to simply listen. Enhance your vision through better listening.

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