Wednesday, January 4, 2012


OPIPHANY #23: The best strategy in forgiving others isn't to try to forget about the wrong committed to you for the mind has a wonderful way of remembering things when it wants to. Rather than to focus on forgetting, learn to simply not hold their offense against them. There's usually more good in people then there is bad. One blemish on the carpet of a gorgeous house doesn't diminish it's value or property value. Many things are repairable and can be restored if one takes the initiative to work on them. If you choose to keep a relationship with someone, you owe it to yourself to drop the burden of always factoring in the past. Especially when they have made a stellar effort in creating a better present with you. You will never see the full beauty of a house or experience the immense joy a home brings if you keep staring at the blemish. Forgiveness cannot be achieved if you dwell on the offense made. To move forward from the offense grants one the gift of liberation that forgiveness gives. Set yourself free.

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