March 28, 2012

So let's get to it. Living in a post 9/11 world is no joke. I mean have you been on a plane lately?? If you even smell funny, people are ready to WWF you. And I don't blame them. Americans have made it their civic duty to never have what happened over a decade ago happen again, and definitely not on their watch. I can only imagine what went through the mind of the passengers when the whole scene went down.

David Gonzalez, a former ex NY corrections officer was on the plane as a passenger, when he witnesssed the captain storm out the cockpit and head towards a bathroom. The pilot went back the cockpit that was locked by the pilot and began banging on the door and yelling out obscenities. 

Gonzalez literally put a choke hold on the guy to calm him down. He was quoted as saying, "I started to cut his windpipe off so he couldn't get any air." When in doubt, go for the jugulars I say! This seems like a scene off of "Meet the Fockers." You know..the part where Ben Stiller starts yelling "bomb!" Except this is real, and it's about the captain..the person you trust to fly and land your plane. SCARY. 

Or remember the movie "Bridesmaids?" When the chick suspects the guy next to her is an air marshall, and it's confirmed when he springs into action to restrain her friend that was going crazy. At this point, shouldn't every plane have an air marshall?? I'm just seems like mid-air breakdowns is the new craze, and we just might want to be prepared. Never mind the flight attendant, Steve Slater that lost it with a passenger and walked off on his job by sliding down the emergency chute of the plane. Yup, that was Jet Blue too. Now that's what I call an equal opportunity employer! If you want a freak show, fly Jet Blue..more "nuts" on a flight than any carrier! LOL

The crazy part of all this is the captain has a stellar background in flying and people that know him well, rave about how great he is. The guy was even  slated to become a motivational speaker. If he ever gets past this, I'm sure he'll have a lot to speak about.

All jokes aside, this was an incident that could of easily gone wrong. Everyone on board has a lot to be thankful for. The plane made an emergency landing in Texas and folks lived to tell about this story. Lesson of the day..don't mess with Americans on a plane..we don't play. 


January 10, 2012

This morning, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose released a joint track, Amber Rose's first single appropriately entitled, "Fame."

I'm not going to even bother going on my passionate rant about the music industry and the sabotage inflicted on it by less than credible "artists." Nope, instead I am going to speak objectively. After all is that not what art in the rawest form should be? People are free to express themselves in whatever artful method they choose. And you in return, are free to support them with your funds and attention.

With that said, I listened to the track. Drum roll please.....oddly enough it was DECENT. I didn't say Grammy worthy..I said DECENT. With proper studio work on her vocals, a catchy melodic track and Khalifa's featured bars of rapping it was a lot more bearable to listen to than I imagined it would.

In a world of Kim Kardashians and Kim Zolciaks where even they manage to get deals "singing," this is a track that is at least worthy of some play and airtime. The sound is something I could see the likes of Rhianna and even Brittany Spears singing to. Proper marketing could definitely make this a hit or at a minimum, a one hit wonder. These days, artists like her are happy to get either. She has a pretty steady following that alone will give her presence. For how long, is the more pertinent question.

Be prepared to see and HEAR a lot more from Ms. Rose. If she was ever going to take singing seriously, this was actually a good attempt. And if for nothing else, I am a big fan of her head. No pun intended. Really...not every woman can get away with that haircut of hers. She does it very well.


December 9, 2011
Mary J. Blige performs on "X Factor"
Today's rant goes out to hair. The thing that sits upon our head that makes more statements then we'll ever recognize. If we took a moment to listen to it, you might hear it say, "if I had hands, I'd slap you!" LOL. Some folks really  take hair seriously -- it's another expression of themselves if you may. While others consider it yet another thing to do one day on their tasks' list. 

The culture of hair is flat out entertaining to say the least. However today, I would like to recognize a person I believe has consistently had the best hair in the game since I can remember. Ladies and gents, this prestigious blog award goes to the Queen of Hip-Hop and R&B, Ms. Mary J. Blige!

Last nite while watching TV, I stumbled upon "X-Factor" on FOX. And there on stage performing was non other than Mary J. Blige. Her dress was hot, per usual. But that's not what I kept looking at. I was somehow fixated on her hair. And that's when it hit me..I don't ever remember seeing that woman with bad hair! That woman has managed to never have been caught in public with anything less than great hair. Her hair dresser must resemble something like a genie in a bottle. From her coloring (cause we all know blonde hair on a sista can easily go wrong) to the cuts and styling. Every time I see her I somehow add on to my list of styles to try out one day. She's a hair trend setter.

You know how they say confidence is one of the sexiest things a person can wear? Well, I'm adding HAIR to that list. A fabulous hair-do, and for guys a great cut or style can truly make a person super hot. Seriously, a girl could have on sweats and sneakers, no make-up..but if her hair is done she's good money.  She just upgraded the look of her casual wear that easily. A guy can throw on items that have no business being together. But if his hair is tight, facial hair  manicured..all of a sudden that randomness of clothing all of sudden gives him character.

Now for some you're thinking, who has time or money to constantly stay in the salon or barbershop?? Like seriously, if I go to the gym and see a chick with an up-do hairstyle on the treadmill I'm gonna ask her if she's training for prom or a wedding, LOL. What I'm getting at, is there is a time and place for everything. But in general, if you take a little time to do your hair and maintain a worthy presentation of the locs that adorn your head, you've just advanced yourself 5 steps ahead of the game.

Doesn't matter if it's a wig, weave, locs, short, long, curly...whatever it is, do it well. Even Amber Rose keeps up her do, and no matter what you want to say about the woman, you gotta admit she rocks a mean fade.'s what you make it. What does yours say about you?


November 28, 2011


Robin Thicke, Joe and Eric Benet perform a tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire

If you were like me, you watched the awards show with a frequent puzzled look of the face. Anti-climatic isn't even the word, more like bamboozled. It's the feeling one gets when they get invited to a full catered party only to arrive and realize full catered meant refreshments consisting of an assortment of crackers. The show had one too many painful moments, and they all were directly related to the performances.

Don't get me wrong, the fact that notable attendees came out and that the networks invested money in producing such a show is commendable to say the least. At the end of the day, it was a "decent" production and an opportunity to celebrate a legendary show and acknowledge great artists that have graced our lives for decades.

Watching some of the performances..okay, correction..MOST of the performances, left me wondering why they just didn't hand out awards and call it a night and spare the network and these artists yet another embarrassing moment in their career. I'm sure there's a good explanation for this epic fail. Maybe all of the good live artists were abducted by aliens. Or better yet, maybe the better talent cost too much. I mean, I would've gladly passed the offering plate around to raise money for the cause.

It seems the artists that blow up today aren't truly singers, but "studio produced artists." So when we see them live or at award shows it's the ultimate disappointment, because they're nothing we anticipate them to be. I've come to miss that raw, unadulterated talent the industry once possessed. There once was a true mastery of the art and craft we call music. Somewhere in this game it's become lost in translation.

Music evolves, but its transformation should be for the better. Somewhere through this process the ball has been dropped and in some instances, kicked away. These days, the industry has become a means of a quick dollar and the gateway to fame. I've never been one to knock anyone's hustle. After all, we're the ones that have created this madness. So with that said, as consumers of this art called music, let's try to support better talent. If for nothing else, we'll get better concerts and award shows out of it. LOL. *SEMI SHIMMY* 


November 2, 2011