Thursday, November 17, 2011


OPIPHANY #21: A balanced diet is necessary for good health. Different foods supply the body with nutrients that all play a certain role. As such, a person must learn to aggressively seek balance in their life. Overindulgence in one thing or person, and negligence in other areas create deficiencies that weakens proper growth and functionality in life. One healthy meal won't make the world of difference in one's overall health, instead one must seek to live a healthy lifestyle to experience long term benefits. Balance in life is a lifelong decision, but once applied makes life that much more fulfilling for you and the ones closest to you. Balance produces well-rounded individuals better suited for greatness.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


OPIPHANY #20: It's hard to uplift a tree when it's matured and its roots have deeply grown into the earth. As such, one has more leverage when attacking issues sooner rather than later. It's in the early stages extreme complication can be prevented. Each second put off is one more second of additional difficulty one will encounter on the day they finally decide to face those problems. There's nothing worse than living life constantly looking behind you awaiting the dreaded day a problem negligently left, resurfaces.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


OPIPHANY #19: Your mind and heart was not intended to be a lifetime vault for concealing woes. Just like the efficiency of a computer, we must learn to frequently release and dispose of such files that essentially slow us down and hinders efficiency. You can't effectively search for answers or process what life gives you when these areas are bombarded. Our mind and souls work better when they are refreshed and free of clutter.